Strategic Co-operation

Adeko Hafele stratejik işbirliği
The Strategic Co-operation between Häfele and ADeko companies was started to produce quick solutions to the needs of sector with the signed agreement on 29th of March 2013. In accordance with this agreement, first step is being developed Adeko X library with Häfele products and accessories for use in Häfele's Quality Points...

ADeko 14.5 Update is Out!

ADeko 14.5 is out as of today. In this new update, issues that prevented importing SketchUp files into the program via drag-and-drop method are resolved. Also, this update resolves the licensing issues some of our customers were having. To examine the whole list of changes in ADeko 14.5 click here.

You can download ADeko 14.5 from our download page. Before installing the ADeko 14.5 version, we recommend you to remove your license and the existing ADeko 14.4 software.

BISIAD “Highest Export Award” was given to ADeko

ADeko has received the “Highest Export Award”  by BISIAD (IT Sector Business Association), for which we export to 22 countries. At the ceremony, General Director Süha Aktan received his award from the Bursa Deputy Mustafa Öztürk.

ADeko products are used in Singapore, Portugal, Nigeria, Macedonia, Iraq, Azerbaijan, England, France, Belgium, Bulgaria, Algeria and many other countries.

Almost Real Rendering

ADeko gives you the state of the art photo realistic rendering outputs to impress your customers. No need to talk too much on this subject just observe the images created by ADeko and imagine what will your customers feel about your designs created and rendered by ADeko?

Non-90° Corners and Units

ADeko has very practical solutions both for drawing the angled walls and inserting the proper corner units to this kind of non-90° corner units. Almost all software ask for the angle of the next wall, but in real life it is hard to measure angles in terms of degrees therefore it may bring some errors into the design. 


Some Reasons To Prefer ADeko X

  • Automatic column & beam notching.
  • Practical drawing tools for non 90° corners and one click proper corner units on the fly.

3D Stereo Goggles

Give your customers the impression as if they are observing their homes through a real-window.

Dynamic illumination after render

Serious progress has been achieved in post - rendering effects. You can manipulate each light source independently and visualize the result instantly after the render has finished. There is also automatic illumination which may help you to get the best possible photon distribution.

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